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HandWrite Pro is a note-taking app for your finger or stylus, but it is also an advanced vector-based drawing app.

Easily markup PDFs to fill out forms, edit or grade papers and sign documents with the PDF import.

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You can either use your fingertips, an active pen (e.g. the stylus from the Samsung Galaxy Note series) or a passive pen. The vector graphics engine allows you to zoom in without pixelation or losing quality. If you use a stylus you can set the "stylus only" option so that your wrist won't accidentally draw lines. The app also allows you to export your work for refinement on a PC later. You can export to on of these formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • SVG (Vector based)
  • PDF (Vector based)

The app is great for writing and drawing during lectures and meetings or for art.

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