FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between ScribMaster and HandWrite Pro?

HandWrite Pro and ScribMaster share the same powerful drawing engine, but there are differences. ScribMaster has an unlimited canvas but it's limited to a single page. ScribMaster is more for single sketches than multiple pages documents. You can upload drawings to an online gallery with ScribMaster, that's not yet possible with HandWrite Pro.

HandWrite has the possibility to limit the page size and you can have multiple pages. The document overview is more powerful in HandWrite with it's filtering and sorting tools. You can import PDF files for annotations.

HandWrite Pro is 100% vector based. Some tools in ScribMaster are based on Bitmaps (The filling tool and some pens) due to historical reasons. I can't remove them from ScribMaster without making users angry, so I decided to create another tool (Handwrite Pro) to be 100% compliant to PDF and SVG exports.

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