Release Notes

Handwrite 3.0

  • Modernized user interface
  • Synchronization of documents via Google Drive (Needs Account acces rights)
  • Dashed lines
  • Align on grid
  • Optional color sidebar
  • Detects more styluses, e.g. Jot Dash
  • Optional Undo / Redo with volume buttons
  • Improved SVG compatibility
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements

Handwrite 2.7

  • Improved stability while saving and creating backups
  • Fixed some issues with PDF files

Handwrite 2.6

  • Fixed a problem while creating backups
  • Eraser: Choose between erasing objects or line segments
  • SVG import: Now stores imported color gradients
  • Clipboard: Paste to new layers and documents
  • Many bugfixes and stability improvements

Handwrite 2.5

  • Jump to page by tapping on page number
  • Better cloud import / export (for Android 4.4 and up)
  • Create backup of current file if memory is low as a precaution
  • Fixed many crashes and small bugs

Handwrite 2.4

  • Fixed some problems in gallery/camera import
  • Displaying numerical line width / text size
  • No need to reselect text tool after placing text
  • Change color of selected objects

Handwrite 2.3

  • Material Design
  • Improved compatibility with many stylus devices
  • Pictures can be imported directly from the camera
  • Many small improvements

Handwrite 2.2.x

  • Fixed possible problem with erased lines after saving / reloading
  • Fixed possible crash in eraser
  • Improved arrow for freehand lines
  • It's now possible to move 90° lines
  • Improved PDF compatibility
  • Possibility to add arrow endings to lines
  • Improved eraser
  • Small usability improvements

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